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Art that fits your style, your space!
FrameMasters is pleased to be a participating retailer of Artaissance, an exciting new way to purchase art.

The Artaissance collection spans the art scene, from traditional landscapes to hip, contemporary abstracts and continually updates its portfolio to keep it fresh and exciting. With thousands of images to choose from, we believe you will find several that speak to you.

With Artaissance, you also have the option to select from canvas or paper to give your artwork just the right appearance. We also understand the importance of having your art in the size you need to fit your unique space. With Artaissance, you can choose the size of the artwork, based on your needs, and Artaissance will keep the sizing proportional.

Here are just a few of the many artists featured through the Artaissance collection, for a complete listing of artists available and their work, click on the link to
Link to Artaissance

    Max Hayslette

Select a work of art and then select a canvas or paper substrait for your giclee. Your overall size will be proportioned to your specified demension.
Size Price Select 
  20" x 16"  $153.00
  34" x 27 3/16  $262.00
  48" x 38 3/8"  $427.00
 sample program  $6.00
Size Price Select 
  16" x 12 13/16"  $124.00
  24" x 19 3/16"  $160.00
  32" x 25 5/8"  $210.00
Max Hayslette born in Rupert, West Virginia in 1930, is a classically trained artist. His talent was evident early on, when he exhibited his first one-man show in 1946, before he even began his art education. In 1952 he completed his studies at the Art Institute in Chicago, where he studied closely with Alexander Archipenko and Egon Weiner.
A world-renown landscape artist, Hayslette's work reflects a gentle and spiritual quality. His intensely warm color palette and sense of dramatic lighting transports the viewer to familiar, at time surreal, destinations. "The combination of a long dance between memory and imagination is the root from which my images grow."

Sample Program

Artaissance offers a great way for you to “see” and “feel” the artwork before you purchase.
Our sample program allows you to purchase a 5.5” x 8.5” version of your favorite artwork for only $6.00.

This will go towards the purchase price of the larger piece should you decide to buy it.

Also, if you buy 5 or more samples you get a $1.00 discount per sample.

    Elizabeth Horning

Elizabeth Horning was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1965. As an undergraduate, she received a Royal Bailey Farnum Scholarship and grants from both the Ford and Carnegie Foundations. Since graduation, she has never ceased to study art, and over the years she has attained superb technical proficiency in her craft.

Horning began her career in art as a teacher, setting up and implementing art programs in the elementary schools of Franklin, New Hampshire until 1973, when she moved to the American Southwest, where she lives and paints today. Throughout her career she has worked as an illustrator, commercial artist, art director of a commercial enterprise, designer, and creator of fine art.

Horning possesses a rare ability to flawlessly communicate the joy she receives from flowers and all other living things with paint on canvas and paper.

In speaking about her work, Horning says, “Although I have worked in a wide variety of media throughout my career, I keep coming back to oils. I think oil on canvas allows for more spontaneity than practically any other medium. It is my favorite medium for composing pictures and working out new ideas which, once resolved, I will reinterpret on paper. Much like watercolor, oil paint on paper tends to have a more transparent quality; it, like watercolor, can easily be destroyed by overworking.”

Dana Johns

Dana Johns grew up on a river in South Georgia, where the waters slow down and settle. She believes that the beauty and mystery of this place point to something that is beyond the real, something spiritual.
Her art is inspired by her first notions of joy, which she discovered in nature sometime early in her life. Her paintings begin with a simple impression and evolve slowly, layer after layer.
Lately, she has been contemplating the paintings of George Inness, who wrote: ... “the highest art is where there has been most perfectly breathed the sentiment of humanity. Rivers, streams, the rippling brook, the hillside, the sky, the clouds - all things that we see -can convey that sentiment if we are in the love of God and the desire of truth.”